Redsea Plumbing can supply and install a complete range of spouting products. We specialise mainly in PVC and Coloursteel spouting solutions. These are two of the most commonly installed spouting ranges in New Zealand.

PVC Spouting

We have years of experience with Marley Spouting. Marley has various profiles to suit most tastes and needs in the market place. It is a great product and will freshen up your property once installed. 

The two most commonly installed ranges on residential properties are Marley Classic and Marley Stormcloud. They do however offer several other options like the Typhoon, FL2, Ovation and Magnum. Magnum is generally used in commercial installations and is a very solid product. 

Marley also has various different shapes for their downpipes. Round downpipes are utilised the most and come in 65mm and 80mm, however you also get Magnum, Eclipse and rectangular downpipes.

Coloursteel Spouting

We also specialise in installing Coloursteel spouting systems and there are many different options when it comes to coloursteel. You can get internal fascia and external fascia spouting, an architectural looking design with exposed brackets, but some of the most common ranges that we work with are the various sizes of box spouting. The three main sizes we usually install are Box 110, Box 125 and Box 175. These have a nice clean square finish and can be altered to fit some unusual angles. Coloursteel has the advantage of not needing to be painted and has a manufacturers warranty of a minimum of 10 years. This does vary with the distance from the ocean.

Galvanised Spouting

Redsea Plumbing can install several types of galvanised spouting, the most common of which are the galvanised square line spouting and galvanised corner round spouting. These are similar to the coloursteel profiles just in galvanised steel. It is a slightly cheaper option however it won't have the same lifespan as coloursteel. There are 2 different sizes which we install, 125mm and 150mm.

Customised Spouting Solutions

Sometimes there is a need for a customised spouting solution. At Redsea Plumbing we can help, whether it be a coloursteel or galvanised steel gutter, we will be able to come up with a solution. So don't delay give us a call with you requirements.