Heat pump water heating

Heat pump water heating

Most people are aware of the three main ways to produce hot water for your home - gas, electric and solar. There is now a fourth, which is energy and cost efficient - it is a heat pump hot water cylinder.

We recommend Quantum heat pump cylinders as they are a great product with a 5 year warranty. They are easy to install, reducing our time spent on site!  Quantum_Eco_Hot_Water_logo_2_1_1.jpeg

Considerable savings with the Quantum heat pumpEnergy_Savings_1_1.jpeg

Heating hot water accounts for up to 30% of the average home's power bill. This makes producing hot water the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the home. Installing a Quantum heat pump will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your cost to produce hot water by up to 75% when compared to other hot water systems.

Another advantage of the Quantum heat pump is that the installation is almost identical to an electric water heater.

The Quantum heat pump comes with a five year warranty on the water storage tank and a two year warranty of the refrigeration and electrical circuits.

The Quantum heat pump comes in various sizes -

  • 150L - for small households
  • 270L - for average households
  • 340L - for large households

To learn more about how the Quantum heat pump works, click here.