FAQ - Gasfitting


Suspected Gas Leak?

How do I Turn Off my Gas?


Suspected Gas Leak?

If you smell gas around an appliance, turn it off and call a Registered Gas fitter for advice straight away. If you can still smell gas after turning off the appliance...

  • Turn off the gas supply at the cylinder (if LPG) or gas meter (if natural gas)
  • Open doors and windows to ventilate the area
  • Go to a phone safely away from your home or work place and call your gas network operator

  • Switch on or off any lights or electrical appliances in the room, as this could ignite the gas and cause an explosion
  • Use a telephone or mobile phone near any suspected gas leak
  • Try to track the gas leak yourself
  • Light matches, lighter or cigarettes in the area

How do I Turn Off my Gas?
  • If you're using a free-standing gas appliance with an LPG cylinder, use the valve on top of the cylinder to stop the gas flow. All valves need to be closed to shut off the supply if you have more than one cylinder.
  • If your home or workplace is supplied from the natural gas network, you can turn off the gas at the meter outside the property. Turn the valve on the main pipe from 'On' to 'Off'. ('On' is when the handle is in line with the pipe. 'Off' is when the handle is at 90 degrees to the pipe.) You may need a spanner or crescent wrench to do this. Once the gas has been turned off at the meter it must be reconnected by an authorised gas network representative.