Tips on Maintaining Your Hot Water Cylinder

Tips For Maintaining Your Hot Water Cylinder

Maintaining your hot water cylinder is an all-important task, which can save you from unnecessary plumbing headaches and the dreaded cold shower on a winter morning. In order to keep your hot water cylinder running properly and efficiently all year round, there are some very simple maintenance procedures that need to be performed.

Preventing Hot Water Cylinder Problems

Regular Check Ups: The humble hot water cylinder is probably tucked away in part of the house you never even knew existed or rarely dare to venture into, but it’s a vital member of the household. Your hot water cylinder needs a regular check-up to make sure everything’s running smoothly, so make sure you include it as a part of your regular household maintenance. Look for leaks and external damage from storms, pets or children.
Test Your Valves: One of the most important maintenance checks you can do yourself is to make sure that the temperature pressure relief (TPR) valve is working. If you do this every six months, it should prevent your hot water cylinder from failing. To check the valve, lift the lever for 10 seconds. You should see water flow from a relief pipe near the bottom of the tank. When you let go of the lever, the water should stop flowing. A fully functioning valve should only release a small amount of water. If it’s leaking continuously, there may be a problem with the system and you should contact a qualified plumbing professional as soon as possible.
Replace Pipe Connections: Prevent the hassle of pipe bursts by replacing faulty connections. Every hot water cylinder manufacturer has a different guideline, but generally, all flexible stainless steel and rubber pipe connections need to be replaced every 10 years. These pipe connections are found on a range of household appliances, fixtures and fittings, including toilets, washing machines, drinking water systems, and dishwashers as well as gas cooktops and heaters.
Give Your System A Break: If you’re only going to be leaving your property for a few weeks or longer, turn your hot water cylinder off. Otherwise, your system will continue to heat your water, even though you aren’t using it. Giving your system a break whilst its not in use extends the life of your system as well as saves you in gas or electricity.
Full Five Year Service: Many homeowners aren’t aware that every 5 years the TPR valve must be changed by law. This valve is a safety valve that potentially stops your hot water heater tank becoming a ticking time bomb. The purpose of the TPR valve is to release any excess pressure or temperature from the tank so it doesn’t explode. It is recommended that a major five-year service be conducted on the water heater.

Hot Water Cylinder Repairs Auckland

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