How to Get Rid of Bad Sink Smell

Tips To Get Rid Of Bad Sink Smell

Kitchen sinks have a hard job. A lot of food is waved goodbye through the drain in the kitchen without much thought, but this can cause plumbing problems and could odours to occur. For this reason, it's important to give your sink a clean out every week, whether you have a garbage disposal or not. Here are our top ways to help you rid your kitchen of that bad sink smell.

Kitchen Sink Odour Remedies

Remove Bacteria: One reason for a smelly kitchen sink can be the presence of bacteria within the drainpipe. These bacteria thrive on food particles, water, and the warmth of the kitchen. To get rid of the bacteria you can either use baking soda, vinegar, or a commercial drain cleaner or bleach. Any of these products will kill the bacteria and ensure that your kitchen sink no longer omits the foul stench. If you’re using baking soda, you need to pour hot water over it. When using a commercial disinfectant, you should follow the manufacturer’s instruction and ensure that it’s safe for use in the kitchen to avoid any food contamination.
Clean The P or S-Trap: Beneath your kitchen sink, you should have a P-trap or S-trap below the drain. The trap curves so that it always has water in it, with clean water replacing the dirty water when you run the taps. This water creates a seal in the pipes to keep sewer gas from coming back up through the pipes and into your home. If you smell sewage, its possible that you’ve got a problem with your trap. If you check under your sink and you don’t have a trap at all, install one right away to block the sewer gas.
If you do have a trap, the first thing to do is to clean it by pouring fresh water through it, or a cleaning product like baking soda that can break up anything built up inside of it. Then, check for leaks. If water is dripping from the trap, then the seal is loose and is allowing air through. If you don’t have a leak, then it might be a problem with the vent being blocked or simply an air pocket that has gotten caught in the trap.
Service The Vent: If the drain from the kitchen sink is clear and the garbage disposal is cleaned, but your kitchen sink still smells, it could be an indication that the vent from the sink to the roof is clogged. This can be cleaned by using a plumber’s snake. To clean it properly, you’ll need to climb onto the roof and introduce the plumber’s snake from the top of the vent and push until the block is cleared. You can also try pouring hot water down the vent to clear it. Or, save yourself from the hassle and danger and call in a professional plumber to do it for you.

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